Cynthia S. Conners Inaugurated Mayor of Laguna Woods

We wish to congratulate Cynthia S. Conners on being inaugurated as Mayor of the City of Laguna Woods, California.  Her inauguration comes after serving as the Mayor Pro Tem for the preceding year.  Ms. Conners maintains a busy law practice as an associate attorney at our firm, and brings over twenty-eight years of experience to clients of Marshack Hays LLP.

Although Ms. Conners has lived in the City of Laguna Woods for only a few years, when she moved there she jumped immediately into local governance issues.  Within a year, she was elected to be president of a 9,000-member homeowners’ association in the City, a high profile job with some contentious issues that drew media attention and regularly presented Ms. Conners with governance challenges.

Ms. Conners was well-prepared by that experience to face the difficult public policy issues that have arisen during her term on the City Council, and she looks forward to bringing her experience and skill to the challenges of the Mayor’s office.  She is particularly focused on issues the City of Laguna Woods continues to deal with such as the state budget crisis, the source cost of water in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, the quality of waste-water runoff into the Pacific Ocean, and even use of energy from the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station.

As part of her duties, Ms. Conners has testified at a regional meeting in favor of the seawater desalination plant in Huntington Beach and has spoken to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission about safety at the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station.  Those talks included a discussion of evacuation plans for south Orange County in the event of an incident at the plant.

When asked about other issues she will focus on during her tenure, Ms. Conners said:

As Mayor, I hope to focus the City and the residents more on green issues, expanding recycling opportunities, and reducing water and energy use.  I also want to encourage our residents, who have enormous expertise in many areas, to serve on county and Southern California commissions, to increase the visibility and impact of Laguna Woods in our region.

Ms. Conners continues to represent Marshack Hays clients in business and bankruptcy litigation matters.  We are proud of her work for the City of Laguna Woods and wish her good fortune in her tenure as Mayor.



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