Our team is focused on results from the very beginning of the legal process, which means we carefully evaluate all aspects of your case, review potential exposure and litigation costs and work with you to develop a clear legal strategy. You will understand the objectives of your case so that you can make intelligent and well-informed decisions throughout the litigation process.


When bankruptcy appears to be the best course of action for you or your company, knowledgeable and experienced representation is a must from the very beginning of the process.
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Real Estate Litigation

Real estate litigation is a complex area of law that involves a myriad of property disputes. Our attorneys have extensive experience working in all sides of these disagreements.
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Creditors' Rights

When bills are not paid, creditors have a variety of rights to ensure they can recover what's owed to them. Our attorneys are experienced in helping clients maximize their recovery.
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If you are considering bankruptcy, a workout contract might be a viable alternative. Workouts generally impact a debtor’s credit less than bankruptcy and are often cheaper.
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Fraud & Lender Liability

Loan agreements require responsibility by creditors and debtors. Borrowers are obligated to repay the debt as stated in the terms, and lenders are responsible for acting honestly and in good faith.
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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative dispute resolutions are highly effective, with over 90% being successful. The main benefit is typically a quicker, more streamlined process resulting in lower costs for all.
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We see the big picture! The attorneys at Marshack Hays Wood are well-versed in protecting creditors and their rights both before and after a bankruptcy case is filed.