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About Marshack Hays Wood LLP

Marshack Hays Wood LLP was formed in 2009 by Richard A. Marshack and D. Edward Hays. The goal was to create a full service bankruptcy and commercial litigation firm. Prior to forming the Firm, Richard and Ed had worked together and opposite each other on cases for almost two decades. Richard brought to the Firm his vast experience in Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 work and his practice provided fiduciary services as a trustee and receiver. Ed brought to the Firm an unmatched depth of knowledge of bankruptcy statutes and case law and an ability to try cases and handle litigation in a cost-effective manner. The combination proved to be an overnight success for the Firm. This was evident from the beginning, as Ed was able to manage the substantial volume of litigation emanating from the Firm’s clients.

Since its inception, the Firm has hired exceptionally talented attorneys; four attorneys who have spent collectively over 10 years working for and working under the direct supervision of federal bankruptcy judges and three others with in excess of 50 collective years experience in litigation and real estate. The Firm also has five experienced bankruptcy paralegals who collectively have over 80 years of experience in commercial law and bankruptcy.

The Firm currently has four attorneys who have collectively served seven times as President or Chair of the Orange County Bankruptcy Forum or the Orange County Commercial Law and Bankruptcy Section and an attorney who is an editor of the California Bankruptcy Forum Journal. Going forward, Marshack Hays Wood LLP will continue to serve as leaders in bankruptcy, reorganizations, and bankruptcy litigation, and will continue to focus on delivering to clients the best possible results on a cost-effective and efficient basis.


Richard A. Marshack has more than 30 years’ experience as an attorney and bankruptcy trustee, while D. Edward Hays has been practicing, speaking, and writing in the bankruptcy field since 1992. Ed has been named a “Best Lawyer 2015” by US New and World Report, and has been a ranked as a Super Lawyer every year since 2011. In addition to his work as a bankruptcy panel trustee appointed by the Office of the United States Trustee, Richard Marshack is also a regular speaker at bankruptcy conferences and has authored numerous articles related to bankruptcy and market share liability.

The Firm’s attorneys include former bankruptcy court clerks and externs, a real estate litigation attorney with more than 30 years’ experience, and a legal writer with a master’s degree in professional writing. The breadth and depth of our attorneys’ experience and competence is matched by few firms in California.

Marshack Hays Wood LLP represents a wide range of clients including property owners, tenants, financial institutions, and municipalities. We represent:

  • Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 debtors,
  • Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 bankruptcy trustees,
  • Corporate and individual creditors, as well as
  • Chapter 11 creditors committees.

We practice at all levels of the judicial system, including federal, state, and appellate courts, and have extensive experience litigating bankruptcy appeals for debtors, creditors, and trustees before the Bankruptcy Appellate Panel, the United States District Court, and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. We work regularly with mediators and arbitration tribunals and represent clients in administrative proceedings.

Dealing with commercial, financial, or property disputes can be stressful and time-consuming for all parties involved. The attorneys at Marshack Hays Wood LLP understand how challenging these issues can be and we are committed to representing our clients expeditiously and at the highest professional level while minimizing for our clients the stress and difficulty that accompanies all litigation. Whether you are a small business owner, a homeowner in distress, a commercial enterprise, or a candidate for Chapter 11 corporate or individual reorganization, you will expect the same level of excellence and personalized service by our firm.


We see the big picture! The attorneys at Marshack Hays Wood are well-versed in protecting creditors and their rights both before and after a bankruptcy case is filed.