Fundraising Campaign for the Public Law Center

For the past five years, Richard Marshack of Marshack Hays LLP and Kelly Zinser of Zinser Law Group have proudly lead the fundraising effort for the Public Law Center’s pro bono Bankruptcy Programs. PLC runs bankruptcy and reaffirmation clinics to

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Bankruptcy Basics for the Non-Bankruptcy Lawyer

With the recent downturn in the economy and depressed housing market, many individuals have turned to bankruptcy for a possible fresh start. Bankruptcy law also frequently intersects with other areas of commercial law and attorneys from various practice areas are

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Are Inherited IRA Accounts Exempt Retirement Funds?

Do inherited IRAs constitute “retirement funds” that may be exempted from a bankruptcy estate? This issue causes some consternation among bankruptcy trustees when debtors assert exemption claims on money they receive as an inheritance—money that they did not set aside

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We see the big picture! The attorneys at Marshack Hays Wood are well-versed in protecting creditors and their rights both before and after a bankruptcy case is filed.